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The Reality of Selling Our Cups At Cost

We sell our menstrual cups at a low price so it’s easy and accessible for everyone to try one. But doing something as radical as selling a menstrual cup for well below market rate ruffles a lot of feathers and raises a lot of questions.

And because transparency is a core value for us, we want to give you answers.

Here are five things you need to know. 

1. Addressing the Naysayers

While most people love that we sell our cups for a low price, some haven’t been as enthusiastic. We’ve had review sites refuse to try our cups and bloggers spread misinformation about our manufacturing.

At first we were puzzled by the backlash. But then we had to ask ourselves: by selling our cups below market value, who are we helping and who are we hurting?

That’s when we realized that it’s not really puzzling at all. Our accessible pricing indirectly shines a light on the huge mark-up that most brands charge and threatens the income of gatekeepers that take a cut of that margin.

2. Quality Over Novelty 

Hedi, our founder, tested dozens of cup designs when she was creating JUNE. The one she liked best looked pretty similar to others. But that didn’t really bother her because she didn’t set out to make the most interesting-looking cup – she started JUNE to make a smart, quality  product accessible to everyone.

While the profile of our cups may look similar to others, we’ve made important investments to create a first-rate product. Most importantly, the quality of our silicone: it’s a flexible, medical-grade silicone, the gold standard in silicone quality.

3. There’s Only One Original JUNE Cup 

Every June Cup is made by pouring medical-grade silicone into a mold. We own our own proprietary mold, which means you’ll only see certain features from JUNE. One key difference is that our cup is seamless: many other cups have a seam running down one side that rips over time. Another key difference is our measurement marks, embossed into every cup so that you can track your flow.

Finally, every cup has the JUNE logo, a symbol of commitments only we offer: a free cup if you order the wrong size, access to our community of thousands of menstruators, and a qualified team always on hand to ensure you have the best experience. 

4. Safe. Tested. FDA-Registered. 

Our cups are tested to make sure they’re free of contaminants. This testing process ensures that the cup you get is only made from medical-grade silicone. We also test our cups for skin sensitization and cytotoxicity to help ensure that our cups won’t trigger reactions.

Most importantly, our cups are FDA-registered, a requirement for all menstrual cups sold in the U.S. that’s sometimes skirted by international companies. 

5. Yep, Our Menstrual Cups Are Made in China 

It’s not a secret: our menstrual cups are manufactured in China with medical-grade silicone made in Germany. We trust our manufacturer and stand by the quality of our cups 100%. 

Right from the start, we’ve been focused on a singular goal: to help more menstruators make the switch from pads and tampons to smarter options like menstrual cups. If our cup doesn’t work for you, we hope you try one from another brand. It’s that simple. 



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