Smarter Products. Period.

The products you use every month should be backed by research. That's why we dig into the details, create evidence-based products, and present you with the facts so that you can make informed choices for your body.

Safer, Comfier Options

Pads and tampons just didn't work for us. That's why we set out to create something different. The results are everything we think period products should be—safer, more comfortable options that make it possible to actually forget you're bleeding.

A Smarter Flow

We believe that having a safe and comfy period isn't a luxury, it's an essential. When we realized that most menstrual cups cost $30+, we saw an opportunity to do things differently—selling our cups at cost so that almost everyone can afford to buy one.

Connect with JUNE

From the moment you get your first JUNE product, you become part of our community: a place where thousands of menstruators come together, ask questions and to learn from each other. Join here

Built by a Woman Who Wanted Better for Her Body

I started JUNE because of my own struggle with irritation and discomfort. I spent hours researching what could be causing them, but nothing worked until I discovered that tampons might be triggering my problem.

When I switched to a menstrual cup, all my research finally paid off and my yeast infections ended. And that got me thinking: what could I do to help other menstruators make more informed choices for their bodies?

JUNE started with my personal search but has grown into something so much more thanks to you. Together, we're helping each other make the best choices for our bodies.

Hedi Rappard

CEO & Founder

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