To offset the impact of COVID-19, the June Cup is sold at cost



Traditional menstrual care products contain chemicals, dyes and bleach that can leave your vagina feeling raw and irritated. Organic products still contain cotton fibers that absorb the healthy moisture and bacteria your vagina needs. Repetitive use of these products can disturb your vagina's healthy pH balance.

Thoughtfully designed to be simple, safe and sustainable. The June Cup is made of medical grade silicone sourced from Germany.

The cup's unique design has smooth edges for easy insertion, a wider opening for full coverage, and is firm enough to ensure your cup pops open every time. The June Cup's three halos serve as a guide to the base of your cup, to ensure the seal has formed and the cup's unique security stem simplifies removal. 


No Chemicals or Synthetic Fibers
Allergen Free and pH-Balanced
Fully Reusable and Sustainable
Comfortable 12-Hour Protection