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Everything you need for a great period:

  • Quality menstrual cup
  • Instructional pamphlet
  • Discreet travel bag


How Does It Work

The June Cup is made of flexible, medical grade silicone and inserted through the vaginal canal. It sits lower than a tampon and forms a seal against the vaginal walls to collect menstrual blood instead of absorbing it. When the cup is full, empty, clean and re-insert.

What Are The Benefits

- 12 hour leak free protection

- Free of chemicals and toxins

- Reusable up to 10 years

- Thousands of dollars in savings


The Perfect Fit

Switching to a menstrual cup can be daunting. That's why we've created a size chart and our sizing recommendations based on flow and vaginal birth history.

Small Large

- Light to normal flow

- Heavy flow and C-section

- Given birth with vaginal delivery

- Diagnosed with Menorrhagia

Are you a teenager or petite?

Try our June Mini

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