Help Us Reach 100 Million Menstruators

JUNE started with a simple mission: to help as many people as possible make the switch from pads and tampons to safer, comfier, more sustainable options.  It’s the reason we sell our cups at cost and the purpose that powers everything we do. As we enter our second year of business, we want to crystallize this mission into a clear goal. 

Our vision is to help 100 million people make the switch to better period care. 

Why We Think It Matters: In addition to being environmentally problematic, pads and tampons are inaccessible or prohibitively expensive to millions across the globe. And for many people who do have access, traditional period care is uncomfortable and troublesome. By increasing access to options like menstrual cups, we can help people discover products that work better for their bodies, their budgets and the planet. 

Why 100 Million Menstruators: We love a stretch goal! Our efforts will do more than just sell JUNE products, they’ll also help bring more attention to all menstrual cups--even ones sold by other companies. We’re okay with that. The more awareness we can bring to alternative menstrual care, the better. Realizing our goal doesn’t necessarily mean selling 100 million JUNE Cups. We consider it a win when any menstruator chooses better period care--even if they’re not choosing JUNE. 

How We’ll Do It: In order to help 100 million menstruators make the switch, we need to make it easy to buy and try alternative period care. That’s why we sell our menstrual cups at cost. To fund our cups-at-cost initiative, we sell other products at a more traditional mark-up and use those profits to develop more affordable menstrual care options. 

We believe that when you find the right products, the right monthly rituals, and an intimate understanding of your body, your period can actually make you feel pretty powerful. Thanks for helping us create a future where every menstruator can experience that feeling. 




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