Anisa Woodall, the author of the JUNE blog post Boy Mamas, poses in her kitchen.

For All You Boy Mamas

When I first conceived my son, at the time I wasn’t super picky about what sex I wanted my baby to be. Though to be honest, I always wanted to have a girl so that I could play a direct role in raising a conscious woman who respects herself and her body, knows her worth, and feels confident in her skin.
I wasn’t at all disappointed when I learned I was pregnant with a boy, it just made be start considering what it would be like to raise a boy.
Today I found myself extremely thankful for the opportunity to mother a boy. He watches me as I remove my June Cup, emptying the blood. He watches as I place a cloth pad and asks about it. I say “this helps collect my blood. Mommy bleeds once a month which means I can have another baby now. If I don’t bleed any more it’s probably because daddy and I are bringing another baby into our family.”⠀⠀⠀⠀

Clearly in our family, there’s no TMI. Every moment is an opportunity for learning. Not only am I committed to helping the women I work with become conscious, aware and self-empowered beings but I’m just as committed to making sure that my son becomes a man who understands women, respects women and values women. I want him to see the power of women’s bodies, so instead of hiding the fact that I bleed monthly because it’s “taboo”, I explain our reality.

Even in his two-year old mind, he can put the puzzle pieces together: women’s bodies can create humans = women are magic, sacred, and deserve respect and admiration. (Please don’t interpret this as those who have difficulty conceiving as deserving less respect, that’s not what I’m saying at all).

Boy mamas, what do you dream of for your sons? What characteristics do you hope they will embody?

The author of JUNE's blog post Boy Mamas stands in her kitchen chopping up lettuce.

By Anisa Woodall, MS CN

Anisa is a Real Food Nutritionist and Holistic Pregnancy Nutrition Coach

Follow her @anisawoodallnutrition or




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