Cup vs. Disc - Which is right for you?

Cup vs. Disc - Which is right for you?

In the realm of sustainable menstrual care, the market is brimming with choices that align with eco-conscious values.

Two prominent options gaining popularity are reusable menstrual cups and reusable menstrual discs. Both present eco-friendly alternatives to traditional disposable products, yet they have distinct features that cater to diverse preferences.
In this exploration, we'll delve into the nuances of reusable menstrual cups and discs, shedding light on their unique characteristics to assist you in making an informed choice for a greener menstrual journey.
  1. Intimacy - Discs are safe for penetrative intimacy while cups are not. A disc offers low to no mess period sex. While cups can be used during foreplay and any intimate encounters that are not penetrative, a cup must be removed before any vaginal penetration occurs.
  2. Placement - A cup typically sits right past the pubic bone which for most folks is a shallower placement in the vaginal canal. A disc sits in the vaginal fornix which means it sits between the top of the pubic bone and cervix.
  3. Birth control compatibility - While a cup may be used if you have an IUD in the uterus, special care must be taken to fully break the seal whilst removing or you risk displacing your IUD. A disc does not use suction and therefore is completely compatible with uterine IUD's without extra care needed.
  4. Tail vs No Tail - Our cups all have a tail, while our discs do not. Although we do not recommend pulling the cup solely by its tail or stem in any instance, the tail or stem can help locate the cup and make removal easier.
  5. Sizing - Menstrual cup sizing is typically more inclusive of all vaginal canals as the stretchy tube like flesh of the vagina is more accommodating to different sizes and can form around the cup easier. The disc relies on your vaginal fornix falling around a few centimeters of our disc sizes, this can make it more difficult to get the right size.
  6. Insertion - Cups can be inserted in a variety of folds (we've seen up to 50 variations of cup folds!), which can accommodate wider or narrower vaginal canals, user/experience level, and some of these can cause the cup to pop open easier. Discs can only be inserted by pinching the disc in half which does not allow for as much customization for insertion.
The choice between a reusable menstrual cup and a reusable menstrual disc ultimately boils down to personal preferences, anatomy, and lifestyle. Both options champion sustainability and offer unique benefits.
Whether you prioritize environmental consciousness, cost-effectiveness, or ease of use, a thoughtful consideration of the pros and cons of each will guide you toward selecting the reusable menstrual solution that harmonizes best with your individual needs.
Remember, the path to sustainable menstrual care is personal, and finding the right fit may involve a bit of experimentation.


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