How do I care for my cup/disc?

How do I care for my cup/disc?

So you've purchased your new menstrual cup or disc, now what? 

1. Sanitize your cup or disc before first use

Once you receive your cup/disc in the mail, the first thing to do is sanitize it!

First you will want to boil some water (if you have hard water, we recommend using distilled water as hard water can leave white water spots on the disc/cup).

Place your cup or disc in our compact sanitizer or the vessel of your choice and pour the boiling water over the cup or disc and let sit for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, you can dump out the boiling water and let your cup or disc dry and it's now ready to use! 

2. Washing your cup and disc during your cycle

Once your cycle begins, you will want to wash your cup or disc at least once per day with an unscented, pH balanced soap like our cup wash.

It is important that your cup is washed at least once per 24 hours. If you are in public and not able to access a sink, we recommend wiping the cup or disc with our cup wipes or toilet paper and reinserting.

Please note: we do not recommend using scented or antibacterial soap to wash your cup or disc, this can cause infections.

3. At the end of your cycle, sanitize your cup or disc again

Following the same instructions as Step 1, sanitize your cup or disc and then store in the provided satin pouch until your next cycle. 


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