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How Do I Clean My Menstrual Cup? Your Go-To Guide for Cleaning Your June Cup

If you’ve ever thought about using a menstrual cup, you’ve probably thought, “This seems great —but how do I clean it in public, or even at home?”

Join us as we explore the ways to clean your menstrual cup properly. 

Why a Clean Menstrual Cup Matters 

Cleaning your cup regularly and in between each use ensures that you’re getting rid of bacteria, stains, potential odor, and other things that could end up being harmful to your body. 

It’s important to ensure that your period cup, your hands, and your fingers are all clean before the insertion process. Dirt and bacteria introduced by your hands could disrupt your vaginal pH balance and cause an infection – and no one wants that!

You should also clean your menstrual cup between each use, not just between cycles. The good news about cup cleaning between uses is that it’s not a terribly involved process—in fact, it’s pretty simple.

Keep reading to learn how to properly clean your cup in any circumstance—from the comfort of your home, to a public bathroom, to the top of a mountain. 

How To Cup Clean Your Menstrual Cup In Every Situation 

Cleaning your cup is crucial—no matter where you are. At JUNE, we know that no two days ever look exactly the same, that’s why it’s so important to know how to clean your cup wherever you are, no matter the circumstance. 

How to Clean Your June Cup: For the First Time Ever 

The June Cup is made out of 100% medical-grade silicone, is BPA and latex-free, and has been tested for cytotoxicity, skin irritation, and skin sensitization—that means it’s totally safe to put in your body. That being said, we always recommend sterilizing your cup before your initial use and in-between  cycles. 

Here’s a little step-by-step guide to get you going:

  • Grab your Compact Sanitizer—expand the sanitizer and place it on a flat surface.  
  • Place your June Cup inside the Sanitizer.
  • Bring still water to boil and then pour it on top of the cup. Let it soak for 5 minutes. 
  • Empty out the contents of the sanitizer onto a clean, dry towel.
  • Let the June Cup air dry—then use or store it until your next cycle. 

How to Clean Your June Cup: In Public

  • With clean hands, remove your cup and empty the contents in the toilet.
  • Either rinse your cup in the sink, like you would at home, or bring a water bottle into the stall with you to properly rinse your cup. Here’s a cup pro-tip: single-stall bathrooms are a great way to get the privacy you might desire for cleaning your cup. 
  • Bring along June Cup wipes for an extra-squeaky clean. We specifically created biodegradable cup wipes for situations where you need to change your cup in public or you can’t make it to a sink! 
  • Don’t forget to give your cup a good wash once you get home. 

How to Clean Your June Cup: At Home 

Cleaning your June Cup at home is super easy because you’ve got all the options. Here are a few ways you can clean your cup properly at home after you’ve washed your hands and removed your cup:

  • Clean your menstrual cup by dumping out the contents in the toilet or the sink, then rinse the cup with warm water and use specially formulated June Cup Wash, or a mild, unscented soap.
  • Sterilizing your period cup between daily use isn’t necessary, but if you’d prefer to do so, go for it—just remember to ensure the cup is cool and dry and that you’ve washed your hands before you re-insert your cup.

How to Clean your June Menstrual Cup: Outdoors

Not even the great (and dirty) outdoors can keep you from cleaning your cup. Remember, how you dispose of your cup’s contents will depend on the rules and regulations of the area. Here are a few how-to suggestions for cleaning your cup in the wild:

  • Clean your hands, remove your cup, and pour out the contents into a cathole (a small hole in the ground) or into a pack-it-out bag—what you do in this scenario will depend on where in nature you are. Check out this Leave No Trace Guide that provides you with all kinds of need-to-know information about how to handle your period in the wild. 
  • Use clean water from a water bottle to rinse off your cup before next use. 
  • We suggest bringing June Cup Wipes with you for these scenarios—they can be lifesavers. Just make sure to pack them out!

Helpful Cup Cleaning Tools, Tricks, and Tips You Should Know 

Looking for a little more cup cleaning insight? We’ve got you covered. Here are a few must-know tips and tricks for cleaning out your cup in any situation.

  • Cup cleaning wipes are a lifesaver. For those times when you’re cramped in a public bathroom, want some privacy, are in a rush, or don’t have access to a ton of clean water at the moment, a pH-balanced wipe (that is safe for your vagina) can come in clutch. Don’t use just any wipe, though—make sure it won’t leave behind fibers you don’t want in your body, and is safe to come in contact with your genitals. We recommend opting for a wipe designed specifically for cleaning menstrual cups. 
  • Invest in a great menstrual cup wash. Typically, if a menstrual cup wash is designed right, it will help you keep your cup clean, ensure your body is healthy, and can even extend the life of your cup. Though most cleansers are gentle on your cup and on your skin, it’s crucial to thoroughly rinse any wash off your cup before using it—just so you don’t introduce any residue into your body. Look for a wash with a pH-balanced formula that’s toxin and paraben-free. 
  • The perfect sanitizing container can make between-cycle cleanings so much easier. We always recommend sterilizing your cup before your initial use and in between cycles, if possible. Investing in a cleverly designed vessel that holds your cup is a must for easy, deep cleaning. 
  • We recommend avoiding antibacterial soap for cleaning your cup—while it definitely works great for cleaning your hands, it can unintentionally strip your vagina of its healthy bacteria and could potentially trigger a yeast infection. 
  • On that note, we also recommend avoiding other cleansers to clean your cup, like vinegar, tea tree oil, scented soap, peppermint soap, oil-based soap, castile soap, hand sanitizer, dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, or any other harsh chemicals. 
  • Try not to stress the process. At the end of the day, it’s totally possible you’ll happen upon a situation where cleaning your cup might not feel totally comfortable. Whether you’re hiking in the woods or cramped into a very public bathroom, the reality is that your cup being clean is a priority. Having a cycle is nothing to be ashamed of—and wanting to take care of your body during your cycle isn’t either. Clean that cup with pride! 
  • Having a cup cleaning kit on hand can make your cleaning duties so much easier.

Have Cup Questions? The JUNE Team Has Your Back

Have other cleaning questions for the JUNE crew? We’ve got your back. No matter what you’re wondering about—our products, the benefits of menstrual cups, sizing, and more—we’re here to help. Reach out to the team at to get in touch with the JUNE crew. 

In the meantime, don’t forget to keep up with our regularly updated blog for all kinds of menstrual tips, insights, and advice. 



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