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How to Remove a Stuck Menstrual Cup

Feeling trapped in a stuck menstrual cup situation? First things first, don’t panic—the JUNE crew has you covered.  

Keep reading to learn more about how to handle this situation healthily and safely. Here's how to remove a stuck menstrual cup.

Your Guide to Removing Your Stuck Menstrual Cup  

Removing a menstrual cup should be a painless, stress-free process—but that doesn’t mean you’ll never run into small hiccups.

If you’re using a cup for the first time, have potentially inserted a cup that doesn’t fit you correctly, or have simply inserted your cup incorrectly, it’s possible you might experience what feels like a “stuck moment.”

The best thing you can do in this situation? 

Above all, don’t panic. Remind yourself that there’s no possibility your cup has gotten lost inside your body—it’s not biologically possible. Next, try to follow along with a few of these steps to attempt to remove your cup safely.

Relax & Take a Breath

Starting to feel a little panicked about your stuck cup? Take a breath and try to relax. It might sound counterintuitive or even impossible, but the fact of the matter is, the more relaxed you are, the better off you’ll be. Often, when we’re stressed or panicked, we tense up our muscles, which can make removal even harder. Remember, there’s only one place for your cup to go, and that’s out. Try to calm down before you proceed.

Wash Your Hands

Clean up and sterilize so that you aren’t accidentally spreading germs or unwanted bacteria into your vagina while you’re trying to remove your cup.  

Try to Remove Your Cup Normally

Even if you’ve tried once before, give your normal cup removal process another try. It’s possible that your cup just needs one more attempt to be removed. Follow along with the removal instructions that came with your cup to see if you can take it out properly.

Locate Your Cup’s Position

Obviously, you know your cup is inside your body, but ask yourself, where? With a clean finger, try to locate your cup’s position to get a better idea of where it’s at, where it’s oriented, and how it’s angled. Is it sitting on its side? Is it suctioned to your cervix? What is the angle like? Answering these questions can help you better understand how to remove your cup.

Attempt to Break the Seal

Now that you have a better understanding of where your cup is located and how it is oriented, try to break that airtight seal that your cup has created.

The seal is the most common reason a cup feels “stuck”. Don’t pull directly on the stem of the cup, but instead try and fit a finger in around the cup’s rim. Once your finger is next to the cup, press in and make an indent on the cup to break the seal.

If necessary, try to squat or sit—shortening the length of the vaginal canal could be helpful in this process.

If using a June Cup insert your clean fingers and pinch the base of the cup along the halos to break the seal—slowly pull the cup down and remove it from your vagina.

Take a Break if Needed

Still stuck after trying to break the seal? Don’t sweat it. Trying again and again can become stressful. Take a break, relax, and breathe deeply—your cup will come out and it’s not stuck forever. It might just take another try or two.

Try, Try Again

Ready to go for it again? This time, try all the steps we mentioned before, but don’t be afraid to change positions, switch up your stance, and even flex and release your pelvic floor muscles to help reach your cup or get a better angle on it.

Ask for Help

Still stuck? Again, don’t worry. Asking for help is a totally viable option. Whether this means reaching out to a partner or a friend for help or contacting a health care professional, don’t stress getting a little assistance. The important thing? Removing the cup safely and asking for help from someone you trust and are comfortable with.

The good news? No cup is ever truly stuck in the sense that you cannot remove it. Above all, try to relax and learn from your experiences—getting your cup stuck can teach you a lot about how to properly insert your cup, pick the right size, and work the new menstrual product you’ve invested in.

 Have Cup Questions? The JUNE Team Has Your Back

The JUNE crew is here for you—no matter what you need.

Whether you’re seeking answers about how to select the right menstrual cup for you (we recommend our Cup Quiz right here) or simply want to know what sort of product options are available at JUNE (check out our products here), we’re happy to have your back and be a resource for you.

We hope you enjoyed our article on how to remove a menstrual cup. Are you looking for more helpful information? We’ve got you covered—check out a few of our must-read resources right here for period knowledge, cup insights, and beyond.




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