International Women's Day: We Honor Women Today

International Women's Day: We Honor Women Today

We’re offering a 25% discount on all our products with code "CELEBRATE" today.

If you're a woman, we want to ask you a question this International Women's Day 2022. And no, it’s not some silly little question that doesn’t really require an answer.

We want you to take a moment for yourself, and melt into a few minutes of hardcore inner reflection because the answer is important.

So, let’s hear it — How do you celebrate yourself as a woman today?

We spend a lot of time thinking about and appreciating the badass women walking around this planet every single day. But with International Women’s Day in mind (and because we’re big on celebrating women at all times) we wanted to really dive into that question and get down to the good stuff.

Most importantly, we wanted to hear what women had to say. We invited some of our customers into our studio in L.A. to sit down, relax, and vibe with us—we wanted to know all about their stories, their thoughts on International Women’s Day, and above all, we wanted to know—how do you celebrate yourself?

We got some pretty dang good answers. Now we want to hear yours.

Tell us—how do you celebrate yourself as a woman, this International Women's Day and every day?

Tag us on Instagram @thejunecup or let us know in the comments.

Here’s to the kickass women out there—the ones celebrating themselves by dirty dancing in the mirror, prioritizing the things that make them feel good, getting fancied up, or unwinding in their own perfect skin.

We’re proud to honor all women and menstruators, but we want to do more than just say that, we want to seriously celebrate you, too!

That’s why we’re offering a 25% discount on all our products with code "CELEBRATE" today.

Above all, we hope you celebrate International Women’s Day by loving yourself just the way you are. Because you deserve to be applauded and appreciated every day of the year. 





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