Photo of Dr. Kameelah Phillips, racist history of gynecology

The Forgotten, Racist History of Gynecology

We spoke with Dr. Kameelah Phillips, founder of Calla Women's Health, about the often forgotten & racist history of gynecology and modern medicine on our podcast With the Flow.

Dr. Marion J. Sims has long been praised as the founding father of gynecology. However, his cruel experimentation on countless enslaved women in the 1850s is a story untold in most of modern medicine. 

Dr. Phillip’s presents her insight into how Sims’ cycle of repeated abuse is directly responsible for deep rooted and widespread misinformation in the treatment of Black patients today.

Listen to hear the story of Lucy, Betsy, and Anarcha, the only three named women who suffered under Sims’ abuse, and explains her personal initiative within Calla Women’s Health to honor and educate staff by sharing the true and incredible story of Lucy’s Speculum.



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