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The Top 6 Natural Ways to Alleviate PMS

The Top 6 Natural Ways to Alleviate PMS

Everyone experiences PMS differently—some menstruators don’t recognize any notable symptoms or changes before their cycle while others experience more dramatic or painful symptoms that can leave them exhausted and frustrated.

For some, PMS simply looks like mild cramps, bloating, and changes in appetite, for others, it can mean breast tenderness, depression, anxiety, extreme fatigue, and even intense cramping.

In this blog, we’re covering a few remedies that have been said to help naturally relieve PMS symptoms and soothe period-related discomforts.  

6 Natural Ways to Alleviate PMS Symptoms

While some menstruators might need to turn to medication to remedy their symptoms, it is possible that natural, more holistic treatments could help alleviate and soothe symptoms for some.

We’ve laid out a few of the most common natural treatments that are said to help combat PMS symptoms that many menstruators experience right before their cycles.

Modify Your Diet

The foods we eat and ingest directly affect the way our bodies process changes and respond to stressors. Modifying your diet—before your period and on a more long-term basis—can dramatically impact your PMS symptoms.

Making small changes can make powerful changes. For example, research shows that adding omega-3 fatty acids to your diet reduces common PMS symptoms like anxiety, bloating, headaches, depression, and nervousness. Additionally, cutting out triggering foods like damaged fats and excess sugar can help reduce inflammation in the body, which can often be the source of worsened PMS symptoms (like anxiety, joint and muscle pain, and mood changes).

Other diet changes could include choices like:

  • Opting for foods in high complex carbohydrates like whole grains, vegetables, and fruits
  • Choosing calcium-rich foods
  • Avoiding caffeine and alcohol, which can increase inflammation
  • Limiting salty foods to reduce bloating symptoms
  • Eating smaller meals more frequently as opposed to larger, infrequent meals

Drink More Water

Some menstruators might roll their eyes at this advice, especially if you tend to be pretty on top of your H20 intake. That being said, being extra conscientious and upping your water intake before and during your period can help battle a myriad of PMS symptoms like bloating, dehydration, and irregular digestion.  

Include Health-Boosting Supplements

While modifying your diet is a must, there are some vitamins and minerals you still might be missing out on that could make all the difference for your PMS symptoms. Consider adding in supplements that can help you combat PMS symptoms, such as:

  • Calcium—research has found that calcium has demonstrated a consistent therapeutic benefit for menstruators’ PMS symptoms. It is suspected—though not confirmed— that calcium works in the brain to relieve depressive symptoms and anxiety.  
  • Vitamin D—research shows that menstruators with a high intake of vitamin D corresponds to lower risks of PMS symptoms
  • B Vitamins—research shows that up to 100 mg per day of some B vitamins, like vitamin B6, can reduce the symptoms of PMS
  • Magnesium—magnesium supplements have been tied to reduced PMS symptoms in general along with relieving mood swings, and reduced frequency of menstrual migraines

Opt for Exercise & Movement

Regular aerobic exercise can help reduce stress, ease bloating, and aid in releasing endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin that have positive benefits on mood, energy levels, and restful sleep.

Prioritize Rest

Resting your body and reducing stress are enormously important for alleviating PMS symptoms. Because of the hormonal and chemical changes your body is trying to keep up with, it’s possible that menstruators will be more fatigued and stressed than usual—prioritizing rest can help you refresh and reset. This is especially true for menstruators who experience disturbed sleep cycles and insomnia before or during their periods.  

Track Your Symptoms

While this isn’t necessarily a remedy, tracking your symptoms every month can shed light on what you experience and why you experience it. Keeping a record of your symptoms can help you identify triggers in your diet or daily life that could contribute to worsening your symptoms.

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