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Menstrual Cup

The Original June Menstrual Cup

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A comfortable, reusable alternative to pads and tampons, the June menstrual cup can be safely worn for up to 12 hours. For teens or petite anatomy size down to the June Mini.
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HIP 35.5" 38" 40.5" 44" 47.5"


Holds 36ml 28ml 18ml
Height 6.9 cm 6.3 cm 5.7 cm
Diameter 4.7 cm 4.3 cm 3.8 cm


We recommend a "large" for those who have given birth vaginally or been diagnosed with a condition called Menorrhagia. The large cup's height is 6.9 cm and 4.7 cm in diameter. The cup holds approximately 36ml. of flow.

We recommend a "small" for those who have a normal to heavy flow but have not given birth vaginally. If you have given birth vaginally, we recommend you size up to the large. The cup's height is 6.3 cm and 4.3 cm in diameter. The cup holds approximately 28ml. of flow.

We recommend a "mini" for teens and petite anatomy. If you suspect you have more than light to normal flow, we recommend you size up to the small. The cup's height is 5.7 cm and 3.8 cm in diameter. The cup holds approximately 18ml. of flow.

Switching to a menstrual cup is a big step. That's why we've created the June cup quiz here.

Toxin & Irritant-free
Tested for sensitization
FDA registered
Why You'll Love it
  • So comfortable you can’t feel it.
  • 12 hr leak free protection.
  • Reusable. Wash and wear it for up to 5 years.
  • Vagina-friendly. No pH problems.
  • Less waste than pads and tampons.
  • Less risk of TSS than tampons.

Conforms To Your Body

Easy To Grip


Follow Your Flow

In Their Words

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JoJo H.
United States United States

This was my first time ever buying any type of menstrual cup and I saw an ad on Instagram of the June Cup and thought well why not it’s only 6$! So I ordered a few sizes just to see what I liked best. I got the soft Small, Mini, and Large. Unfortunately I didn’t read that the size Large cup was recommended for women who have given childbirth vaginally. (I have not) So I contacted the June Cup support and asked what to do with the Large Cup. The woman I spoke to was extremely helpful and understanding she even waived the purchase of a new size Small cup and I only had to pay shipping! I normally have a heavy flow and was worried about leaks or smelling gross after a few hours. I took my cups and sanitized them in boiling water for about 10 minutes and let them cool off. Next day my period started and I used the size Small cup and I was honestly scared to even put it in. I looked up the tutorial video and it worked! Now that it is after my first flow with the June cup I got the hang of putting it in and having no leaks and I’m so happy with it! If you wear pads or tampons I recommend at least trying the June cup. It’s way less waste then pads or tampons. It’s so comfortable that you forget you’re even wearing it! And way less hassle!

Marie F.
United States United States
So Easy to Use!

I was using Diva cup for about a decade and was having problems with infections. I found June a year or two ago and it’s been a game changer. It’s softer and smaller, so that’s helped a lot. It’s easy to clean and store. I’ve had a few leaks when it doesn’t open properly inside me, but there’s a learning curve with finding how to get it set up correctly. It can take time, which is annoying when rushing, but once it’s set correctly it’s fine for hours.

United States United States

JUNE cup really shows how much they care about women’s health by making their products so affordable. it’s insanely expensive to buy tampons/pads but $6 for a cup that i can use every month has saved me so much money. it’s so easy to use, you don’t even feel it, and i’ve never had a leak once. everything about it is amazing and i will definitely buy from them again. thank you so much for making such affordable products, it’s greatly appreciated

Andreya F.
United States United States
Ease of Periods

Of course there is an adjustment period, but I love being able to insert the cup can go on with my day without having to worry about changing anything!

Abigail B.
United States United States

Probably my best purchase ever. I've been looking at buying a reusable cup because, as a college student, I'm on a pretty tight budget and the cost of pads and tampons each month really adds up. I have also experienced so many leaks because I've gotten distracted through my day that I've forgotten to change my tampon. With the June Cup, I've been more free to complete a full workday without even thinking "oh no, am I leaking right now? Can anyone see it?" or working about if I have enough tampons and pads to make it through my time of the month. I absolutely adore it and will 100% be recommending it to all my friends!



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