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Radically Accessible Period Products

Better alternatives to pads and tampons for just $12

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We All Deserve Better

JUNE is inspired by the belief that quality menstrual care isn't a luxury, it’s an essential:  We deliver reusable menstrual cups, period undies and menstrual discs for a fair price so you can get a healthier, comfier period without the hassle. Join us on our mission to create radically accessible period care so everyone can find their best flow.

Menstrual Cup - The Original

Your new go-to: a soft silicone menstrual cup that’s super comfy for beginners. Reusable, 12-hr protection starting at just $12.

Menstrual Cup - The Firm

For your most active days: a firmer cup in stain-resistant blue that opens quickly once inserted. Reusable, 12-hour protection.

Menstrual Disc

A new way to flow: a reusable silicone disc that collects blood at your cervix--reducing cramps and making period sex without the mess a new possibility.

Period Undies

Super comfy undies that absorb a light-medium flow or provide back-up on heavy days so you can bleed worry-free.


Keep your period products in tip-top shape with pH-balanced formulas that make cleaning up a little easier.

Bundle & Save

Try our period packs and find what works best for your body. Bundle and save big!

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Better alternatives to pads & tampons starting at $12.



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