This image shows the June Cup, compact case, and wash, all products that can make traveling on your period simple and streamlined.

Ultimate Guide to Traveling on Your Period

We can’t promise that traveling on your period is always going to be the most incredible experience ever—but we can promise a ton of little hacks you can use to make traveling on your period far more convenient and comfortable.

Whether you’re hopping on a plane to your favorite getaway or you’re embarking on an adventure to parts unknown, these menstrual care travel tips can help change your travel experience from an “oh damn, my period” to an “oh, hey, it’s just my period—I’ve got this.”

Period Travel Hacks to Change Your Life 

Consider Comfy Period Underwear 

Travel can be uncomfortable, cramped, and TBH, a little annoying from time to time. With a pair of cozy period underwear, you can add a comfy product to your repertoire while ensuring that your leaks are covered without having to insert a product. For some menstruators, having products inside their bodies for long periods of time just isn’t comfortable, and pads can end up being a pain for long periods of time (pun intended). In other words, period underwear can be a total lifesaver. 

You’ll appreciate this extra dash of comfort if you’re stuck on a plane, in a car, on public transit, or around a ton of other people (trust us). Whether you use it as your primary period product (in which case, bring a backup pair or two with you!) or as a second-level of absorbency, period underwear can make travel on your period super convenient. 

Keep Clean, pH Balanced Products on Deck for Freshness 

If you’re someone who feels self-conscious or concerned about odors and cleanliness during your cycle—there’s no shame in noticing or not noticing these things, BTW—then a few vagina-safe, pH balanced wipes can be a total game-changer. There’s not always the opportunity to take a long, hot shower when traveling, so having these wipes on deck to freshen up whenever you see fit is a must-know travel hack.  Don’t forget to bring some extra pH balanced wipes to clean your reusable menstrual products too! 

Opt for Sustainable Products You Can Re-Use 

Instead of packing a ton of single-use products, cut down on the packing clutter with one, reusable item—whether it’s a menstrual cup, disc, or another solution, this can help you minimize packing and keep your traveling gear to a minimum. These types of products can bring a ton of travel-specific benefits. They’re convenient, they’re eco-friendly, they offer you some discretion when you’re going through TSA, they’re space-saving, and they can likely save you from having to make period product runs to the store when traveling. 

Be Prepared with a Back-Up Option

Looking to pack light? We feel you. The best way to pack light while guaranteeing you’ve got backup protection is to opt for a reusable product (like we mentioned above) plus a pair of your comfiest period panties or a few pads. There’s no shame in bringing along a Plan B or Plan C option—and if you can consolidate all your items, they probably won’t take up a ton of room. 

Set a Timer to Ensure Scheduled Product Swaps 

Some products—like cups and discs—can be worn for up to 12 hours. Other products, like tampons, need to be changed out more often (usually every 4-6 hours). When you’re traveling, it’s easy to lose track of time—especially if your period product of choice is comfy (as it should be). And you know what? You should get lost in the moment—you’re traveling and you should enjoy it. But to ensure that you’re being as safe as possible (and avoiding the risk of TSS), we recommend setting subtle alarms to remind you when it’s time to swap out your products or empty your menstrual cups. 

Don’t Forget Your Go-To Pain Relievers of Choice

If you know what works for you and relieves your pain, bring it with you. Since every area is different, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to find your pain relief of choice. Whether this means a few pain relievers, a bottle of your go-to essential oils, or even a portable heating pad, we highly recommend you plan to bring this along for the ride if you want to ensure your period pain is manageable.  

Store Your Reusable Products in Sanitized, Closed Containers 

Travel is great, but it’s also dirty. If you’re bringing your disc, cup, or other reusable devices with you while you travel, don’t forget to store it properly. Leaving it to bounce around loosely in your luggage could risk the cup coming into contact with something dirty—you’ll want to make sure you store it properly or give it a proper sanitization before you insert it into your body. 

Travel With a Water Bottle 

We recommend bringing a reusable water bottle with you for a lot of reasons—hydration is crucial, okay, especially during your cycle! But also, if you’re using a reusable period product (like a cup or a disc) you might want to use this water bottle to clean off your item when you’re changing it. Often, travel means using a lot of public restrooms and tight spaces—you might not always feel comfortable rinsing your cup or disc in the bathroom sink. Having a water bottle on hand is clutch for quick cleaning before re-insertion. 

Sanitize Your Reusable Products Between Trips 

If you prefer single-use products, then this likely won’t apply to you—but for menstruators who use reusable products during their cycles, this one is important. Don’t forget to give your cups a thorough cleaning with an approved wash once your cycle is over and you’ve returned home. The best thing you can do to ensure your cup is clean and healthy? Sanitize it between your cycles and after you finish traveling. 

Pack a Period Kit 

Our best advice for traveling on your period is to take some time to put together a thoughtful little period kit that’s totally customized to your needs! We’ve got a pretty comprehensive one available at JUNE. Whether you use this as your go-to kit or count it as a foundation to add pain relievers, an extra pair of panties, your fave treats, and your preferred period products of choice, it’s easy to pack it all up into a little on-the-go bag that’s ready to hit the road as soon as you are. 

PRO TIP: Keep this period kit packed and in your luggage of choice so you never forget it on a trip! 

Have Questions? The JUNE Team Has Answers 

Want to chat about more period travel hacks? Want to learn more about the June cup and our other products? Want to connect with the team to learn more about JUNE’s mission? We’re here for you! Reach out to us at anytime—we’re happy to help. 

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our regularly updated blog for insight, tips, and advice on your cycle, menstruation health, and more. 



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